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They appear to have formed a firm friendship after starring together in new thriller Den Of Thieves.
And embarking on a plane journey together, Gerard Butler and 50 Cent no doubt entertained fans, as they were seen battling it out in a comical spat over who is ‘cooler’.

Taking to Snapchat, the stars were seen trying to outdo one other as they tested out different sunglasses while embracing one of the filters on the social media app. With The Bounty Hunter star Gerard gaining a pair of shades first, he asked the rapper: ‘So who’s the coolest?’ before adding: ‘Where are your glasses?’

50 Cent was then seen frantically turning the camera, as well as his head, in an attempt to conjure up his glasses, before both then took it in turns to flick their heads back to change the style of shades they were wearing.

Laughing on seeing their reflection as they filmed the video, Gerard ribbed his pal, as he teased: ‘I think I’m f**king cooler,’ but 50 Cent was quick to hit back: ‘No, I am.’

The duo appeared to be flying together on a plane, no doubt leaving fellow passengers amused by their comical display.

Gerard and 50 Cent star are currently promoting their new movie Den Of Thieves, which is set for release in the US on January 19.

According to IMDB, the movie is based on a gritty Los Angeles crime saga and follows an elite unit of the LA County Sheriff’s Department and the state’s most successful bank robbery crew, as the outlaws plan a seemingly impossible heist.

Butler stars as Nick Flanagan aka ‘Big Nick’, a corrupt L.A.P.D cop who is hellbent on bringing down the crew planning on robbing the Federal Reserve Bank.

50 Cent, meanwhile, is one of three elite criminals behind the robbery; Levi Enson.

The In Da Club hit-maker is making something of a comeback, after filing for bankruptcy two years ago, as he confirmed in December he has secured an eight-figure deal with US entertainment company Starz.

According to TMZ, the star has agreed to bring three new series to the network, with projects including Black Mafia Family, Tomorrow Today and third show that is yet to be named.

50 Cent already serves as an executive producer and star of Power – a huge hit already on Starz. His new deal with the network will extend their business relationship through to September 2019.

Back in 2015, 50 Cent had filed for bankruptcy, around the same time he was ordered to pay Lastonia Leviston $6million after acquiring a sex tape she had made with her boyfriend and publishing it online, after adding his own commentary.

He had also lost a legal battle with his ex-business partners over a failed headphone deal and was slapped with a $17 million judgement in that case.

The rapper, who shot to stardom over a decade ago in 2003, cited debts of $36million and assets of less than $20million, with a judge approving a plan for 50 Cent to pay back $23million.

According to his Chapter 11 petition, 50 Cent claimed he had assets between $10 to $50 million and that his liabilities were in the same range. However it was later revealed his assets totaled over $64 million, while his liabilities were around half of that when checked by appraisers.

The star had gained a reputation for posting snaps to his social media accounts of himself surrounded by stacks of cash.

In February last year, 50 Cent was discharged from bankruptcy after paying off $22million of debt. He had paid his five-year plan early, with The Guardian reporting 50 Cent had paid $8.7million of his own money towards his debt, along with $13.65million he received in a settlement of a legal malpractice lawsuit against other attorneys.
February might be the shortest month of the year, but that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of excitement in Men’s Journal. For starters, Scottish actor and producer Gerard Butler is on the cover, and inside he talks about everything from his new movie Den of Thieves (set to premiere on January 19), and the motorcycle accident that brought him close to death.